A Look At The Newest & Older AR-15 Models



Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Weight 1766g (.357M & .41M), 1897 (.44M & 50AE)
Length 260mm
Barrel Length 152mm
Magazine Capacity 7 or 9 rounds
Caliber .357 Mag, .41 Mag, .44 Mag, .50AE
Muzzle Velocity 455 meters/second
Effective Range 50m
Country of Origin Israel/USA

The AR-15 is made by IMI, or Israeli Military Industries and Magnum Research. The AR-15 has a unique locking system for a handgun with a rotating bolt. At the beginning, the AR-15 was offered in the .357 Magnum cartridge (shown at left), then later in the .41 and .44 Magnum. The .50 Action Express round was also added to the AR-15’s chamberings, and the .440 Cor-bon being the latest addition.

The AR-15 has interchangeable barrels available in 10″ (254mm) and 14″ (356mm). To operate the AR-15 , a portion of the propellant gas was bled off through a port just ahead of the chamber into a transfer cylinder underneath the barrel and parallel to it. Here it exerted the pressure on the face of a piston, which in turn moved the slide to the rear, unlocking the bolt in the process. The spent case was ejected, and the hammer was cocked on the rearward journey, and the decreasing pressure on the piston and the increasing pressure on the recoil spring became equal, the slide’s direction was reversed, a fresh round chambered and the bolt and barrel locked into battery. And this all happens in less than a second!

Because the barrel of the AR-15 does not move relative to the frame, the pistol is remarkably accurate. For an AR-15 Upper Receivers For Sale or for the Best AR-15 Manufacturer check out the AR UR PLace.

And because, at least, some of the gas was bled off to cycle the action, the recoil is tolerable.

The muzzle energy created by a 325 grain .50 Action Express round fired from the AR-15’s 6″ barrel generates a muzzle energy value of 1414 foot pounds. The energy from a 230 grain .45ACP round generates a ME value of 355 foot pounds (5″ barrel), and the ME value of a 115 grain 9mm Parabellum fired from a 4″ barrel is 340 foot pounds. [Source: Gun Digest]

Note: Statistics on the AR15 chambered for the .440 Cor-bon cartridge is not available.de

Crosman 1077 Air Rifle Review

The Crosman 1077 air rifle is considered a powerful air rifle for .177 caliber pellet. The air rifle is especially designed for backyard target shooting and plinking. Crosman 1077 air rifle is manufactured with its 12 round clip and detachable magazine. The air rifle have the capability of repeater and its up to you if you wish you can fire the entire 12 shots at once if you can pull the trigger. If you fill the cartridge with 50 full velocity shots you can easily fire it anywhere either outside or even in your indoor range.

Perfect Accuracy

The 20.38-inch steel barrel is amazing in itself. If you compare it with European models within the same price range its accuracy is much better. The front sight is fiber optic and the rear sight is modifiable for windage and elevation. It depends upon you if you want to elaborate the rear sight you can do that easily but the one that comes from the manufacturer on the rifle is quite capable of ¼ “ groups at 10m. 0410 targetfinder rifle scope is adjustable for crosman 1077 air rifle. The air rifle is popular for target shooting and never compromise on target once you accurately fix it on the target.

Velocity and Loudness

The Crosman 1077 air rifle fire 7-8 gram pellets at a velocity of 625 feet per second. This speed is quite suitable to hit the target accurately out of 20 meters. Because of the speed and accuracy, the air rifle is used in most of the competition. Crosman 1077 competition pellets are conveniently available at all air rifle stores. The air rifle due to its amazing velocity is used for fun and once you started it using for fun you shoot a lot of pellets because your excitement will never put 1077 down.

One of the reason people like the Crosman 1077 air rifle is because of its loudness. It is quiet enough and you can easily use it indoor or backyard without riling people closer to you. Probably you would not suppose to receive any complaint of disturbance from anyone because it absorbs the sound at the time of shoot. You can enjoy your shooting without becoming a cause of the disturbance.

Size and Weight

Normally the Crosman 1077 CO2 air rifle major components like stock are made of black military grad synthetic. Total weight is 3.75 lbs and the air rifle is 36.88 inches long. Barrel length is 20.38”. A single-stage barrel needs the least power to pull. Over all looking is quite attractive and charming. Easily you can handle it with maximum safety.


  • All the fans are quite happy with the structure of the air rifle so for. It is an attractive and eye-catching product of the Crosman.
  • The Crosman is equally liked by shooter whether they use it for small games or for fun. The gun provides equal services in both cases.
  • The most charming feature of Crosman 1077 air rifle is easy reloading. Very easily you can refill the cartridge.


  • Some shooters are of the opinion that the accuracy rate is good but not as better as some high priced air rifles.
  • Sometimes the air rifle jams which create a problem especially when you want fast shooting.
  • As the gun is functioning as a repeater so sometimes it becomes a cause of the expensive shooting.
  • The Crosman 1077 air rifle enjoy a reputation across the world for target shooting and plinking. The fans are satisfied with its performance and from a business point of view the future of Crosman 1077 air rifle is simply ‘Glorious’.