A Look At The Newest & Older AR-15 Models



Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Weight 1766g (.357M & .41M), 1897 (.44M & 50AE)
Length 260mm
Barrel Length 152mm
Magazine Capacity 7 or 9 rounds
Caliber .357 Mag, .41 Mag, .44 Mag, .50AE
Muzzle Velocity 455 meters/second
Effective Range 50m
Country of Origin Israel/USA

The AR-15 is made by IMI, or Israeli Military Industries and Magnum Research. The AR-15 has a unique locking system for a handgun with a rotating bolt. At the beginning, the AR-15 was offered in the .357 Magnum cartridge (shown at left), then later in the .41 and .44 Magnum. The .50 Action Express round was also added to the AR-15’s chamberings, and the .440 Cor-bon being the latest addition.

The AR-15 has interchangeable barrels available in 10″ (254mm) and 14″ (356mm). To operate the AR-15 , a portion of the propellant gas was bled off through a port just ahead of the chamber into a transfer cylinder underneath the barrel and parallel to it. Here it exerted the pressure on the face of a piston, which in turn moved the slide to the rear, unlocking the bolt in the process. The spent case was ejected, and the hammer was cocked on the rearward journey, and the decreasing pressure on the piston and the increasing pressure on the recoil spring became equal, the slide’s direction was reversed, a fresh round chambered and the bolt and barrel locked into battery. And this all happens in less than a second!

Because the barrel of the AR-15 does not move relative to the frame, the pistol is remarkably accurate. For an AR-15 Upper Receivers For Sale or for the Best AR-15 Manufacturer check out the AR UR PLace.

And because, at least, some of the gas was bled off to cycle the action, the recoil is tolerable.

The muzzle energy created by a 325 grain .50 Action Express round fired from the AR-15’s 6″ barrel generates a muzzle energy value of 1414 foot pounds. The energy from a 230 grain .45ACP round generates a ME value of 355 foot pounds (5″ barrel), and the ME value of a 115 grain 9mm Parabellum fired from a 4″ barrel is 340 foot pounds. [Source: Gun Digest]

Note: Statistics on the AR15 chambered for the .440 Cor-bon cartridge is not available.de